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Associação Animam Viventem, which uses the motto Vida+Viva, is a non-profit association based in the municipality of Cascais - Portugal, established in January 2012.



Associação Animam Viventem, which uses the motto Vida+Viva, is a non-profit association based in Cascais - Portugal, established in January 2012.

OUR MISSION   |   Identifying the local needs we promote the WELL-BEING of the population by CONNECTING people to social solutions, DEVELOPING core skills and EMPOWERING them to become active citizens, contributing to a balanced and sustainable SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT.

OUR VISION   |   Our approach is based on a global vision, we want to be the link of people to the solutions for the local and global problems, through a psychosocial and educational intervention, and thus contribute to a positive impact on social development Sustainable, considering each person as a key agent for change!

We provide and implement LOCAL SERVICES and ACTIONS for psychosocial and educational support, considering each person as a key change agent. We develop SOCIAL PROJECTS based on people's needs, projecting them into a EUROPEAN dimension through strategic partnerships.


We are part of CASCAIS SOCIAL NETWORK, a structure that incorporates more than 100 local entities, public and private, with responsibilities in local social development, promoting a partnership work and the qualification of social intervention in the community.


Creating life changing opportunities for every young person, working with them to build resilience, promote inclusion and ultimately empowering them. We provide actions designed to enable a holistic approach tackling social disadvantages, educational programmes, community outreach, volunteer programs, employability and entrepreneurial skills, among others.


In order to improve the quality of life of people over the age of 55, we create local and European actions and projects aimed at promoting and raising awareness of the importance of active aging, the social value of the elderly and the need to combat loneliness. We offer socio-educational opportunities focused on different topics, such as active citizenship, volunteering, interculturality and intergenerational learning, among others.


Promoting a cross-sectoral perspective of physical activity and sport, we focus our activity in two aspects:

Creating awareness for the development of healthy lifestyles and its benefits;

Development of innovative approaches, looking at sport and physical activity as a tool that, together with non-formal education methodology, makes possible to create programs for personal and social development, education and social inclusion, among others.


We aim to promote the well-being of the person through the prevention, protection and promotion of mental health and through their personal development. We implement not only actions and services that aim to provide the psychological support needed for a person to be able to adapt to new life / change circumstances, overcome crises and resolve emotional losses, and develop appropriate strategies to overcome difficulties, but also actions and services that aim to empower the person, leading to a more satisfactory and higher quality life, and maximizing their potential.


We create and promote educational experiences to build knowledge, values, attitudes and skills in the community, aiming to adopting a more sustainable way of life, contributing to the Sustainable Development and Agenda 2030 Goals to create a new global model to end poverty, promote prosperity and the well-being of all, protect the environment and combat climate change.



Inês Gomes Calado

Pedro Lagoá


Marta Almeida


João Calado


Sofia Nunes

Foto Daniela.png

Daniela Jesus



T. (+351) 910 130 952








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